The Web Team does not facilitate or manage webcasting beyond placement of the necessary code. If you are interested in webcasting an event please see "Requesting a Webcast.

IBM Cloud Media account is owned and maintained by Central, contact Gus Sentements.

JHSPH has exclusive access to JHSPH channels One through Four, and can use them as needed. Coordinate with JHSPH multimedia on when to use a specific channel.

For JHU shared channels reach out to Gus or others as necessary. 

See also Live Video Channels.

NOTE: The majority of our live events use a shared channel, and if left embedded other, unrelated events would be broadcast through your event page in the days and weeks before your event. We recommend that you place the Webcast Embed Module the day before or even a few hours before your event begins. Please be sure to account for workflow review and publishing and to give the editorial review team a heads up.

Deploy the Module

To deploy live video streaming on your page:

  • In SiteExecutive navigate to the page where the module will be deployed.
  • Click Edit Page then create a new line on which to place the module
  • Click on the “Insert Module” button


  • Select “Webcast Embed” from the dropdown in the dialog that comes up.
  • Click “OK
  • In the "Module Properties" window select the following:
    • Channel 1, 2, 3 or JHU Main (information provided by Multimedia)
  • Click “Save

Remove the Module

Once the event has concluded, it is necessary to delete the module by right-clicking on the module box in Edit Page mode and selecting "Delete Module," otherwise other broadcasts running to that channel will appear on your page.